Sunday, August 30, 2009

Faith Expressing it's Self in Love

I love it when I find tidbits of truth in His word. And they jump off the page at me. Like it's what God wants me to know right then and there. In Galatians chapter 5, it wasn't the usual "the Fruit of the Spirit" lesson. It was something bigger and deeper yet smaller and more direct. It's in the last half of verse 6,
"The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself in love" The NIV Study bible states: Faith is not mere intellectual assent but a living trust in God's Grace that expresses itself in acts of love.
I think that sums it up, it's about acts of love. This word love translated in the Greek is agape. Brotherly love. Does that describe us? Does it describe me. Am I acting my faith out in acts of love.
I was having a conversation with a dear friend the other night about religion verse relationship or faith. And we discussed this very thing. It is NOT about wearing certain clothes to church, or acting in a pious manner that matters. It matters not if I spend my entire Sunday at a church service. Do you think that your unchurched neighbor cares if your skirt is below your knees or that you wore one on Sunday for that matter. Or that you never watch TV or listen to the radio unless it's a godly program. None of that exterior stuff matters, what would matter to your neighbor is if you shovel out their walkway this winter, or bring over a plate of cookies just because. Maybe invite them over for dinner. Faith working it's self out in acts of love. How about that family that sits in the same row as you in church. What kinds of acts of love can you bless them with. A bag or two of groceries to a needy family, a bit of compassion to a newly divorced man or woman. Understanding instead of criticism, a cup of cool waters not heaping coals. Faith working it's self out in acts of love. Gods love for us is so deep, so wide, so consuming. If it's in you it should be spilling out of you. Is it? Is it in you? If it is, is it spilling out in acts of love. And if it's not... not in, I'd love to tell you how it can be. If you believe it is, but it's not spilling out in acts of love, again I'd love to tell how it can be.
I love it when God gives me a deep morsel of truth for me to gnaw on.