Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Thorn

Yesterday I seemed to have little to say in the afternoon. I had nothing profound on my mind, which is strange for me. Usually I have all kinds of thoughts processing at any given time. On my way home I ended up getting into a discussion with my husband. Yes your reading the word discussion right. We have this invisible thorn between us that every once in awhile rears it's ugly head. The Thorn has a name and it's soon to be twenty two years old. Some times we are able to brush the thorn aside with little incident. Most of the time we agree about the thorn, and can even laugh at the thorn. No so yesterday.
Our discussion about said thorn took a wrong turn. My afternoon of "not so many words" ended and the flood gates opened and the water was a bit mucky. The conversation ended when I ended it with a hang up of the cell phone (and there were no, goodbye, see ya when I get home honey bear) I just closed the phone. It rang and I picked it up and said " I have nothing left to say" Too bad I hadn't kept that theme from earlier in the day. (Remember I said I seemed to run out of words).
I went to the gym and worked out much harder then the last time I was there (and yes I'm suffering for that one). As I headed home, God ever so graciously planned a radio program on a local station that I listen to every once in awhile, as I started to listen I heard the local preacher ask "do you have anyone you need to ask forgiveness from. Don't delay", the segment ended. God is just so good at hitting us right between the eyes when we need it.
When I walked through the door, there was my beloved standing there in the kitchen with one of my favorite drinks in his hand. (he is just so good at the grace thing) I looked at those warm brown eyes and said... I'm sorry I did that, can you forgive me. And he kissed me, handed me my favorite drink and said "of course I do".
The Thorn will always be there, I pray for less painful experiences with it, I've even prayed it would be removed. But I'm thankful for the Thorn and the lessons I learn from it when it tears at my flesh. Last night God taught me that I need to ask for forgiveness with out delay. No brooding, no pouting, no stomping my feet. With out delay. And He blessed me with a husband who forgives and loves. And says of course I forgive you. God thank you for the Thorn.


  1. Praying for your Thorn, and for you.

  2. Praise the Lord for husbands who dispense grace almost as well as their Father does! Ahhh- to be more like him and Him! Praying always for the thorn and the cuts and pricks he leaves cause even knowing that it hurts but still being able to see the beauty of the rose is a gift in itself. Love you